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AAA model.

German payroll gets interesting.

Payroll was where it all started. Back in 1951. The first business use of computer software. The intrepid innovators at ...
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SaaS Product Power Breakfast #4. With special guest Anshu Sharma!

Dave and I are getting into the swing of the power breakfast thing on clubhouse. Every Thursday,...
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Incumbents aren't always incumbent. The case of Employee Communications.

Don't be afraid of the establishment A start up leader told me the other day that they didn‘t want...
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The second SaaS product power breakfast on clubhouse. Thomas interviews Dave

The SaaS Product Power Breakfast Second Edition. This week’s product power breakfast will, in...
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HRTECH Product Managers: Decouple Application and UI Now. Learn from Disney!

I think about user experiences and user interfaces a lot, but I'm not a designer.  I buy a lot of...
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SaaS Product Power Breakfasts, Thursdays at 8 AM Pacific on Clubhouse

So I'm going to give this Clubhouse thing a spin.  Dave Kellogg and I are going to be doing a show...
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