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Launching a communications advisory

It’s official! Otter Advisory 2.0 is now live. I’ve worn many hats in my career: crime reporter, technical writer, freelance ...
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What's your theory?  Applying the Value Lab to HRTECH.

I'm sitting in a cafe in Florence writing this. 500 years ago Florence was the centre of so much...
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A Product Management lesson from the Eiffel Tower

I gave a talk this week on HR TECH architecture, and I riffed a bit about Eiffel Tower. Have a read...
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Talking about HRTECH Architecture at

I used to do quite a lot of presentations and public speaking, at SAP and at Gartner.
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Continuous Discovery, HRTECH Product Management and Kangaroos

I've stolen a bit of a very old post here, and reworked it.
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HR TECH startups: beware the massive company deal.

This post was triggered by something I read on LinkedIn the other day
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