Launching a communications advisory


It’s official! Otter Advisory 2.0 is now live. I’ve worn many hats in my career: crime reporter, technical writer, freelance editor, blogger, novelist, communicator, manager, comms leader. And now I get to add entrepreneur to the collection.

Good communications means good business. The stakes have never been higher in terms of saying what we mean and meaning what we say. 

Where we are

We have more ways to communicate with each other than ever in human history. TikTok and Instagram have united our children across languages and borders. Billions of people have access to the Internet on devices they keep in their pockets. An entrepreneur in Nigeria can run a business from her smartphone.

And yet we are divided. Words have lost their meaning, and become devalued by misinformation and disinformation. Tyrants begin wars based on lies that millions believe. Trust is broken.

Getting communications right

The need to get communications right feels real and urgent and necessary. In business communications I see three big problems:

  • A breakthrough idea does not always break through. Leaders’ inability to use narrative in a smart way is preventing them securing investment, getting customers, making their sales targets, creating a buzz around their products and attracting new talent.
  • Leaders relegate communications to a back office or service centre function. Operational-only communications are a distraction. Business needs strategic communications to break through the noise and earn eyeball share.
  • The environment is only getting noisier. Attention is distracted, employees are resigning en masse and stock markets are plummeting thanks to massive societal emergencies. In this environment, leaders need to innovate, disrupt and lead change.

Where I'd like to target the business

My theory (and I’m open to change) is that I’ll work with customers who are at an inflection point and need to reframe their story. These might be start-ups seeking the next round of funding, companies transitioning from a founder-led business to a new CEO or companies going through digital transformation.

It's exciting to be following in Thomas' footsteps in this new world. Otters were my favourite animal as a child. Now my home and and my workplace are both full of them. Here's his post from earlier today: What's next for Otter Advisory?

Communications is an underused strategic superpower

Stories change us. And the more intentional the story-telling, the more likely it is to break through - no matter whether the audience is investors, employees, customers, partners or analysts. Communications is an underused strategic superpower and I want to empower leaders and companies to flex that muscle.

If you think I can help you, let’s talk.