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Launching a communications advisory

It’s official! Otter Advisory 2.0 is now live. I’ve worn many hats in my career: crime reporter, technical writer, freelance ...
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What Enterprise Application vendors can learn from SME: 'dev ecosystems'

Alternative title: We are going on a bear hunt with Kafka.
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SaaS and the Sex Pistols (yes, I know this will confuse the SEO).

"Listen, I this is absolutely awesome content and I can't believe there were so few people here,...
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SaaS Product Power Breakfast #4. With special guest Anshu Sharma!

Dave and I are getting into the swing of the power breakfast thing on clubhouse. Every Thursday,...
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Incumbents aren't always incumbent. The case of Employee Communications.

Don't be afraid of the establishment A start up leader told me the other day that they didn‘t want...
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The second SaaS product power breakfast on clubhouse. Thomas interviews Dave

The SaaS Product Power Breakfast Second Edition. This week’s product power breakfast will, in...
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