SaaS and the Sex Pistols (yes, I know this will confuse the SEO).


"Listen, I this is absolutely awesome content and I can't believe there were so few people here, this is going to be like, you know, the famous Sex Pistols gig in Manchester free trade Hall in 77, where everyone said they were there. There's many people who said there were there. It would would have been millions."  Leon, a listener.

Thanks Leon!


This week's episode of the SaaS Product Power Breakfast is a classic. We have David Clarke, ex-Workday CTO on the show. We talk product scale, the importance of architecture and David destroys some myths about Platforms.  Here is a gem for you on M&A.

There is an AI generated transcript here. It does battle a bit with our accents, I need to train it, but it gives you the gist if you can't listen to the podcast.  You can also listen and subscribe to the apple podcast.  Massive thanks to Paul for cleaning up the sound imbalance in the recording. 


I hope to see you at next week's show. See you Thursdays at 8:00 am Pacific for our future episodes.  Block your calendar, please.  And tell a friend!

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