Talking Product with Top HRTECH Product Manager, Murali Mazhavanchery. TSPPB #8


SaaS power breakfast invite

The show is on Thursday at 17.00 Heidelberg Time, 8:00am San Francisco Time. The show will be recorded, and published as a podcast. I host the show with Dave Kellogg, one week I pick the guest, the next week he does.  Please come along with questions, just have a listen  We post the podcast pretty much directly after the live show. 

I'm looking forward to talking  to Murali Mazhavanchery. We worked together when Employee Central was really scaling up, and I learnt so much from him about managing constraints, working with engineering effectively, and evolving a product at serious speed. Since leaving SAP, Murali works at Utmost, a start focusing on the extended workforce. Utmost raised 21 million last week, and is looking to disrupt a category ripe for change.  (disclosure, Utmost is a client). 

We will delve into some HRTECH history, the differences between PM 10 years ago and today, scaling, technical debt, understanding users v buyers, managing constraints, platforms v apps, developing the next generation of PM, and the social contract between sales and product. We may mention cricket.

If you are looking to learn about serious scale (10 engineers over 500) then you can't miss this. If you are interested in HRTECH this will extra special. If you like cricket too, then this will be a ....



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