Product Management and Open Source


Earlier this year (last semester) I had the pleasure of helping out Prof Dirk Riehle with his course on Commercial Open Source Start ups. It was a lot of fun, and I hope to do it again. 

This week Dirk will be our guest on the SaaS Product Power Breakfast, now that Clubhouse finally supports Android.  

SaaS Prod power breakfast invite image and link

If you don't know Dirk you are in for a treat. He is one of the world's leading experts on open source, both technically and on the business side of things.  You can check out his publications here

Dave has a bunch of questions on this, so rather than me leading the interview, it be joint effort. Things we hope to cover include.

  • What should product managers know about open source, legal risks, tips  etc?

  • How does an open source product management process differ from other


  • Was open source the original (product-led growth) PLG strategy?


     Why open source and the cloud conflict (megavendors hijacking open source for cloud services)

  • What mongodb with SSL and others are doing about it?

  • What is the new/future open source business model as a result?

  • Start up and universities- Germany v the US.

  • How can universities help develop better product managers?

As usual, the show is at 17h00 German time on Thursdays. 8.00am for those in San Francisco. Join here.  Please feel free to ask questions on the show, or ping us on twitter.

You can find previous shows on your favourite podcast service, or here.