SaaS Product Power Breakfasts, Thursdays at 8 AM Pacific on Clubhouse


IMG_4049So I'm going to give this Clubhouse thing a spin.  Dave Kellogg and I are going to be doing a show thingy on SaaS Product Management.  It will be at Californian breakfast time, or German coffee and cake time. Join here.


If you work in SaaS, and you don't know Dave, you are missing out. 

My interest in product stems from my overall fascination with strategy and my experience in product marketing at Ingres (RDBMS), CMO at Versant (ODBMS) and Business Objects (BI/analytics), SVP/GM at (Service Cloud), and CEO at MarkLogic (NoSQL) and Host Analytics (Planning).  That’s not to mention lesser involvement in strategy working in board and/or advisory mode at companies including Aster Data (NoSQL), Nuxeo (ECM/DAM), and Alation (data intelligence).

We are going to spend a good bit of our time talking about the challenges of "Enterprise" what it really means, what makes it hard and for some of us, fun.  Come along. 

Dave provides more details here


Ground rules: here.