A guest lecture on Product Management at FAU.


Thanks to Prof Dirk Riehle, I get to do a guest lecture to the COSS masters class at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU) this week, Wednesday 10.45 German time. This is an open lecture in that anyone can attend, details on how to register here.. https://oss.cs.fau.de/2020/11/02/upcoming-talk-dr-thomas-otter-of-otter-advisory-gmbh-on-software-product-management/. I’ve been helping Dirk out on his course on Commercial Open Source, This lecture though, is an introduction to modern software product management. I’ll focus more on strategy than the day to day tactics of scrum, as that is covered elsewhere.

The sweet irony is that the main theme of the hour long talk will be product prioritization, and I probably have 3 hours of slides. I’ll aim to draw on my experience and some recent academic work I’ve done. I may wander off into anecdotes. I’ve made use of a several excellent practitioner and academic books in preparing the lecture. Marty Cagan’s Inspired and Melissa Perri’s Escaping the Build Trap were especially useful here.

Product management books.

No pile of books about product management is complete without Brooks’ The mythical Man Month. If you have a favourite product management book, do let me know. It is cool to see software product management becoming more a discipline, but we have a long way to go.


Update: you can watch a recording of the lecture here if you like. Thanks Dirk for the opportunity.