A new website and an HRTECH newsletter



Time flies. Having been in business for over 2 years, I figured it was time to re-do the website, and get a platform in place for more consistent communication. Many thanks to Luk at Visible Authority, Johan at leadstreet, Neita at Com&co, as well as Daniel and Michaela here at Otter Advisory.  A special thanks also to the many clients who have given me references, and allowed me to use their logos. 

We moved from Wordpress to Hubspot, and while the Hubspot blogging tool isn't as good as a writing space, I expect that the end to end integration with the CRM will be a significant step forward in how I communicate with clients and prospects. That old suite v best of breed chestnut. 


In the next week or so, I’ll be launching a newsletter, I’ll start monthly and see how it goes. I spend a lot of time reading stuff about HRTECH and the future of work, so I figured you might find  a selection of my finds useful. You may well receive an email about that shortly, or you can simply subscribe here.  


I plan to blog more consistently in 2021, focusing mainly on the challenges that HR Tech founders and product leaders face. If you have a topic you would like me to explore, do let me know.  Thanks to Hubspot, the blog will appear more consistently in my Linkedin and Twitter feed. 

The Collective

Working with others helps me offer my clients a broader and deeper service. I’ve gathered a group of experts to help clients. We meet as a group every few weeks. So if you need help with sales strategy, marketing campaigns,  futures research, analyst relations, or even GDPR, let us know. If we don't know, we probably know someone who does.

The Think Tank

Over the years I’ve built a network of HR corporate contacts, and the Think Tank is a mechanism for us to share ideas. I gain insight into HR leaderships’s most pressing concerns, and they get insight into my views on the industry.  Invitations will go out shortly, but if you are a leader in a corporate organisation wanting to explore innovative edges of HRTECH, let’s chat. 

For clients, I’m easily available for you via email and phone, and for potential clients, you can book an introductory chat via the site.


btw The photo is of the front page of the first volume  of The Miscellaneous Writings of Lord Macaulay.