The second SaaS product power breakfast on clubhouse. Thomas interviews Dave


Screenshot 2021-03-31 at 17.59.21The SaaS Product Power Breakfast Second Edition.

This week’s product power breakfast will, in theory, involve Thomas Interviewing Dave. Last week’s chat was chaotic, but a lot of fun. 

Dave summarized it nicely here.

Thanks to our surprise guest, Jason Lemkin. Great to have you on the show. 


I’m going to be asking Dave a bunch of questions on the topic of how to be strategic in product management.

My first question is going to be what is a product?

My second question is going to be what is strategy?

My third question is going to be what is management?

I have some other secret questions. 

See, this is easy. Move over 60 minutes, move over Trevor Noah. 


My bio for Dave

he knows stuff.


Seriously,  come along and join us and ask questions too. We may not stay on the agenda but we will talk about product stuff.

Our rules are well defined here. We may or may not follow them 


For questions you can either raise your hand or use Slido event code 481070 or press this link