The Carlsberg of product managers joins Unit4.


Carlsberg – Probably the best ad in the world. – I wish I'd thought of that

Carlsberg ad.

Carlsberg beer has/had the tongue in check tagline, “probably the best beer in the word.”

I remember clearly the moment I decided to join SuccessFactors. It was over dinner with Dmitri, at a funky Korean restaurant in San Francisco. I knew that I was going to learn a lot from him. I was right. I probably learnt more working for Dmitri than at any other time in my career. His grasp of the fundamental challenges of enterprise product management are, my mind, unmatched. He can do big picture, and he can do detail. He understands how to do scale, fast. After SuccessFactors, Dmitri moved to Google, and now Unit4.

For the last 2 years, I’ve been advising Unit4 on product strategy, and seeing how Mike Ettling is leading a massive transformation of Unit4 is fascinating. I’ve learnt, when done right, private equity works. Adding Dmitri to the leadership team is the next step. Dmitri talks more about his role here.

Ray Wang commented on recent financial performance. The last time I saw Ray in person was at Unit4 event last year in Barcelona. I also think that was the last time I got on plane.

I’m looking forward to the ERPx launch next month. It will be a goody.