Joining the Immedis board


One of the first engagements I had after launching Otter Advisory was with Scottish Equity Partners. I helped them with due diligence for an investment in an Irish global payroll provider, Immedis. As is the job in due diligence, I looked under the covers and challenged the Immedis team on the nitty gritty of their technology, process automation, strategy and so on. Doing due diligence is a serious responsibility, and I’m grateful to Keith and SEP team for their trust. SEP went on to make the investment in Immedis. A few months later Ruairi, the CEO of Immedis, asked me to provide some strategy advisory. The more I’ve got to know the team, the products and business, the more impressed I’ve become.

Last year I became a Non-Executive Director (NED) at HeadHunter, one of the world’s largest job boards. It operates in Russia, and is listed on NASDAQ (HHR). Being an NED means one has significant responsibility to the company, shareholders and stakeholders, so I figured some formal director training would be a sensible thing – I have since passed the Financial Times NED Diploma course and exams, and two Finance courses through the LSE. My mid-life coping mechanism seems to involve taking exams.

A few weeks ago, the board at Immedis asked me to join them as an Independent Non-Executive Director. Having also worked with Terry Clune, the chairperson of Immedis and the Taxback Group, I’m thrilled to accept. I’m looking forward to work with the board and the leadership team at Immedis. It is a remarkable organization. Here’s the announcement.

I hope to be back in Dublin soon, virus permitting. Dublin is far better in real life than on Zoom. It is fast becoming one of my favourite cities. There is lots going on with HRTECH in Ireland, by the way, more in another post.

In the meantime, the Otter advisory business continues to grow, both on the product / market / strategy advisory side and with investor due diligence work. I’ve agreed a list of non-compete companies with Immedis, ensuring that we avoid any conflict of interest.

Thanks again to the Immedis team and the board for the opportunity, and for the warm welcome.