HRTECH in Las Vegas


Vegas version of the Eiffel towerNo, this isn't Paris. I'll be there in October.  It is Las Vegas.

I'll be there on 13th to 16th of September for HRTECH. Conferences are back in force. While I'm not a huge fan of Vegas, the opportunity to meet up with so many friends, founders, other VCs, old colleagues, analysts and former competitors  from the across industry is going to make it all worthwhile.  

I've attended more of these events than I would care to remember, even back when it was in Chicago and Bill Kutik was holding court. A bit of ancient history here.


Jason and I are holding a meeting the day before with some of our portfolio companies and several limited partners. That will be fun, and  seeing the portfolio companies engaging with each other and some of our industry LPs will spark a bunch of ideas.

It is lovely to see one of our portfolio companies, Compa, win an awardTechwolf, Worky, Assembly, SmartRecruiters, Oyster and several others will be at the conference.

In the past at these events, as an analyst or as a product leader, my calendar would be booked solid with sales meetings, vendor briefings and the like. Now I get to go and explore the event, actually listen to some sessions, talk to founders and other VCs.  My partner Jason will be a judge at the start up fest. I'm coming to the event armed with only one thing, my curiosity.  

I'll be looking out for start-ups that are doing something different. Things I'm especially interested in. Fundamental payroll disruption. Modest AI. New category creators. Remote first solutions. Wicked problems. But if you want to change how work is done for the better, we should really be talking. Drop me a note and let's meet. 

BTW we  have a discount code:  AVJC