Doing the podcast/webcast/video thingy. With Jason Averbook.


I was an early adopter of podcasts. Craig Cmehil and I experimented with it back in the days of the Apple nano. After a long break, I’m gradually easing back on to the airwaves, thanks Dennis.

The super smart folks at Utmost have invited Jason Averbook and me to talk about the contingent workforce and HR.

I’m not a fan of the term contingent, but it is the word most of us use to describe people that work for you that aren’t directly on your payroll.

It’s my contention that most HR departments (and vendors) do a dismal job of managing that critical component of the workforce. While there are somethings you can’t do for contingents that you do for employees, it doesn’t mean that you need to manage them in a procurement process that is optimized for buying pencils. It’s time to fix this.

Jason probably needs no introduction, but just in case, check out his company Leapgen.  We have spoken together at many HRTECH conferences over the years, and it will be fun to catch up next week.

I’ve bought a proper microphone, so you will be able to hear my ums and ahs in high definition.  Be warned, I may still have lock down hair.  The bookcase in the background is real though.  If more than one person likes the idea, I may well do more of these.

You can register here to join the festivities.  The session is on the Thursday, June 18th, 10:00a PT / 1:00p ET.  For the Europeans, that’s 19h00 CET. 

(Disclosure: Utmost is a client of Otter Advisory).