As an HR or IT leader in a large, complex multinational organization, you are faced with a barrage of challenges. Vendors bombard you with promises of seamless integration, cloud-driven transformation, AI-powered engagement and analytics that will predict your employees’ next move. Your executive peers demand better and cheaper HR without clear definitions of what that really means. GDPR is changing the stakes for people data compliance. HR IT investments require prioritisation in the broader IT portfolio, putting pressure on you to establish a robust business cases for HR technology investment.

How can you get the best out of the mega-vendors, while not missing out on the next enterprise grade start up? How can you influence vendor strategy and roadmaps to your advantage? How well are you managing systems integrators?

Otter Advisory can help you parse fact from fiction. Having advised the world’s top companies and shaped the products for one of the market leaders, Thomas will help you derive the best from what you already have, and guide you to the right decisions on where and how to make your next investment.