I guide product leaders to build and grow successful products at scale

Challenges you’re facing


Understanding market dynamics and big vendor constraints

You’ve read the analyst reports, but you need guidance from somebody who has already developed successful products. Building the case for internal investment and managing internal and external stakeholders more effectively isn’t simple.

High-level market trends hold no mysteries for you. You’re searching for deep insights into the start-up and scale-up scene in Europe in order to select the best partners.


Developing an innovation-driven sales strategy

Your broadening product portfolio isn’t given the attention it deserves by your sales force. Encouraging sales and marketing teams to champion your newest solutions requires a new perspective and an innovation-driven approach


Effectively scaling your business

Your several thousand customers are demanding. Managing their expectations while balancing innovation initiatives and technical debt management - and keeping your product managers focused - is the key to avoiding failure. Another important question: to acquire, or not to acquire?

Access the know-how you need ...

  • to communicate effectively with organizations in your field

  • to build a viable acquisition and post-acquisition strategy
  • to build a powerful internal business case

  • to gain a candid overview of your strengths and weaknesses

I’m here to support your
sustainable growth

As an experienced advisor to a number of large enterprises, I offer the perspective your business needs to achieve sustainable growth and make informed, strategic decisions. The services below can be customized to suit your needs.


Request a briefing

You’re invited to set up a no-obligation 45-minute meeting during which you tell me what you do.


Mentorship package

Do you need expert advice on a regular or ad hoc basis to review a business case, assess a roadmap or discuss global expansion? Assistance is just a call or an email away. Together, we set up a year-long mentoring service cadence that meets your needs, whether it’s for an individual leader or for a broader team.


Strategy day

Traditional strategy days with analysts serve a purpose, but it’s nearly impossible to be truly candid about your weaknesses when the goal is to impress your audience. Mine is a different kind of strategy day during which I challenge you directly in a risk-free way, fully dedicating my expertise to helping you build better products.


Research project package

Put my extensive network of end users, partners and influencers, my deep understanding of the industry and empirical research to work for your business. If you are interested in making a major strategic decision and want a no-holds-barred assessment of the opportunity, this package offers you my skills as well as those of the entire collective.

Request a meeting with Thomas

I empower product leaders in building and scaling great product businesses with incisive, actionable, expert advice.

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I advise leading and emerging HRTECH vendors and their investors, guiding them to build better products and be more successful. In helping my customers achieve their goals, I rely on the wisdom of my past experience, my network, and my relentless curiosity.


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