I guide HRTECH founders
to build and grow successful product businesses

Challenges HRTECH founders are facing

  • Understanding how large enterprises buy software from start-ups like yours

  • Developing an exit plan that is ready and waiting when large vendors come knocking

  • Gaining a clear understanding of HR leaders’ needs and challenges

  • Creating a pitch that really resonates with potential customers

  • Developing an adjacent product that is more successful than your first big hit
  • Setting up a product function and roadmap that can scale effectively

  • Accepting your first investment from a venture capitalist

  • Setting up a satellite office in the United States (or another region)

  • Determining how much you should spend on sales & marketing and where to focus your efforts

  • Improving your sales cycle times and win rate

Do some of these sound familiar?

Deeply understanding the customers purchasing your HR product, achieving the ultimate product-market fit, scaling up smoothly, pitching effectively and managing investors: how well you perform in these five areas will make or break your business.

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I’m here to help you thrive

With the goal of guiding HRTECH company leaders to build better, more successful businesses, I offer my deep market knowledge and the advantages of an experienced sounding board, and sparring partner.

In addition to providing proven techniques to assist in the effective development, positioning and marketing of products, I work closely with you to help you define the optimal path toward serious scale.

As a trusted advisor to a number of leading-edge businesses, I am uniquely positioned to offer your start-up or scale-up the guidance you need not only to survive but thrive in this dynamic environment. All services are tailored to suit your company’s needs, goals and budget.


Build and scale your product business


Foundational package

Starting with a briefing meeting, we discuss your business and the issues that require the most attention. During a workshop split over two 3-hour sessions, we collaborate to develop a concrete roadmap towards a successful product and/or business approach. Together, we set measurable targets, and schedule regular check-ins over the following months to drive execution.


Mentorship package

Expert advice is just an e-mail or a call away. Do you need support in making a hiring decision or reviewing a sales pitch, or an introduction to a mega-vendor? Take advantage of a year-long, ad hoc advisory service provided at a cadence that suits your schedule and budget.


Customized package

Reap the benefits of services tailored precisely to your needs, such as focused workshops covering concrete topics, either with me alone or in partnership with other colleagues in the collective. Some examples of workshop topics include:

- Working with analysts
- Running an advisory board session
- Strategic investment, fundraising, or exit approaches

Request a meeting with Thomas

I empower HRTECH founders in building and scaling great product businesses with incisive, actionable, expert advice.

What founders say

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Looking for more insights?

I advise leading and emerging HRTECH vendors and their investors, guiding them to build better products and be more successful. In helping my customers achieve their goals, I rely on the wisdom of my past experience, my network, and my relentless curiosity.


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