Please welcome Michaela Schilling to Otter Advisory.


When I first joined SuccessFactors, Adam Kovalevsky kindly introduced me to his Executive Assistant. I’m thankful to Adam for many things, but enabling Michaela to work with me is top of the list. During my time at SuccessFactors, Michaela made me a better manager and leader. Her ability to organize the unorganizable is legendary.

As Otter Advisory has developed over the last year, I realized that I needed help actually running the business. Managing calendars, proposals, marketing, accounting, invoicing, VAT, the Heidelberg Finanzamt, all these things were taking me away from working with customers and research. Stuff that I’m not terribly good at. It made perfect sense for me to ask Michaela to join me full time at Otter Advisory.


Photo of Michaela Schilling

Here is Michaela in her own words.

Over the last three decades I have become a person who is more and more excited by new challenges, with responsibilities spanning from event organisation, administration, stakeholder communication, and facilitating between teams and senior leadership. This transformation did not happen overnight. It has been a process in which I owe a lot to challenging leaders who saw greater potential and believed in me…long before I did. With each challenge, each task that they trusted me with, I learnt and grew beyond myself – and I still am.

With joining Otter Advisory, I’m dedicated to my role in the responsibilities of marketing, communication and to orchestrate all admin tasks across the  business. This is a challenge of a new kind, but the fear I used to experience before such challenges has now been replaced by excitement and a strong belief that Otter Advisory will become a unique brand in the HR IT business world. I am so excited to be a part of this.

Privately, I’m an open minded person who loves spending time with diverse friends, travelling and reading books. In business, people say that I’m a creative and empathic person with finely-tuned organizational skills, who is able to solve problems and handle a complex, fast moving organization. 

If you have any questions or want to reach out, please contact me – I’m looking forward to working with you!

2019 has been an excellent first year in business, but there is more to do. Having Michaela full time in the business will enable Otter Advisory to develop its brand, and grow its influence and impact. It will also be a lot of fun.

Welcome Michaela.